Time to Blog...

So our great journey into the mobile bar market starts today. Well,

actually, you have missed about a year and a half of hard work and late nights but

I’ve only just discovered the world of blogs!

The long and short of it is that my business partner and I have built a Horse Box Bar, as well as an Indoor Venue Bar, and we want you to know about it! Behold ‘The Tipsy Goose’.

In between our private events we like to do something called 'Pop Ups' (Morgan

[I’m Matt by the way] likes to come up with fancy names for things). For most of

us, 'Pop Ups' are food and drink festivals, markets and other public events. Think

I’ve just found my first opportunity to plug a ‘Pop Up’: you can next find us in

Salisbury’s new late night market held on Thursday 2nd of June. We will be

showing off a range of local produce such as Red Cat Brewery and Danebury


I’m going to be writing this blog as much as I can so keep an eye out. If you're lucky

I might even tell the legend of the Basil Mojito, but that’s for another day!


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