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Only three days remain until 'Film on a Farm' kicks off this year, and once again we will be present for the festivities. If I had to sum up this event in three words I word say: ‘great night out’, not only because of our delicious range of fresh drinks and our cheery barman banter, but also because of the uniqueness of the event. Where else can you enjoy a film in the great outdoors, and go home knowing many of the Top Gun characters' names off by heart? (Thanks mainly to our cleverly named cocktails!)

We had a great time providing drinks for this event last year, and spending a few hours with Morgan Freeman was just as enjoyable as you might imagine (Prince of Thieves, Invictus). Although a few mishaps did occur, (mainly underestimating the popularity of ale compared to cider in the Hampshire area) we felt it was a massively successful event and we thank the organisers for inviting us back this year. Hope to see you there!

You can catch 'Film on a Farm' (and us) on 6 occasions this year. Starting this Friday 27th May with Top Gun. Then as follows:

Mamma Mia - 29th May

Four Weddings and a Funeral – 8th July

The Lion King – 9th July

Notting Hill - 9th September

Grease - 10th September

Go to for details about the different venues and to purchase your tickets.

Morgan & Matt

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