Our Year

One full season completed and we loved every minute. With over 5000 miles on the clock the country has well and truly been explored. A journey from Cornwall to Aberystwyth via Essex in an epic 12-hour drive was the highlight of the year (I say highlight of the year but of course I mean greatest achievement of my life!) I even drove back to Essex the same night. That’s right, we don’t mind a small journey for a party so get in touch again our Welsh friends!

The variety of events we attended was exhilarating and the entertainment put on was brilliant. From Chaz and Dave tributes to fire eating to silent discos, we’ve seen it all. In fact if you are planning a wedding the best thing to do for ideas is get a job in a traveling bar and scan for inspiration - Or ask us I suppose!

A question we often get asked is who drinks the best. Is it the South West with their Cider, Hampshire, or my county of residence Essex? Well I can reveal that the best drinkers are in fact Morgan and me…. But apart from that all I can say is as a nation we love a party and a small tipple, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

So what about next year? We’ve got a few things in mind but all I can say for now is KEG PARTY…

With dates being booked up for next season fast please get in touch soon and we will see what we can do.

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