The Big Three

In my next blog I’ve decided to talk about 3 big drinks of the year. At least what was big for us and what the punters couldn’t get enough of.

I realise this may not be a national trend, but I would like to think we were the trend setters so it is ok to take this as absolute fact!

First up and you probably won’t be surprised at this one… the G and T.

Gin has become a bit of a revelation in recent years and none more so than the Gin and tonic. I think the simplicity of it has a lot to do with the popularity. It’s a drink that can easily be mixed at home with just the two ingredients and maybe a lemon wedge chucked in. In yet the flavours and aromas it can produce is up there with the most complex cocktails that require a whole arsenal of sprits and mixers.

These days there is a lot of choice in type of gin and tonic used. From cucumber infused to subtle flavours of green tea. This gives a twist to the cocktail and brings people back time and time again. I mean myself I’m a lager man… But I can let you know that Morgan’s tipple of choice is in fact and refreshing Monkey 47 and tonic with a big slice of fresh cucumber!!

Now as popular as the G and T were there was a big contender in terms of sales from another cocktail. The Mojito.

As fresh as they come this drink has an actual plant in it. Everyone has heard of the mojito. In fact I once heard a theory that it’s the panic buyers drink of choice. Ever standing at the bar chatting with mates, fancy a bit of a cocktail tonight but not sure what. Suddenly its your turn, “what can I get you” glimpse of the menu tells you that is a risky Singapore sling (that basically could be anything) or the old reliable Mojito. Easy decision if not slightly panicky!

But it’s not only good because you know what it is. It’s because it is an amazing drink, very unique in flavour and easy to drink. I’ve had quite a few of these in my time and it’s my favourite drink to mix for my customers.

Lastly its a bit more left field but I can’t stick with cocktails all night. Ale…in particular the Badger range.

When we were first buying stock and looking at ales the badger range did stand out. A lot of variety, reasonably local to our base and we liked the taste.

But we didn’t quite predict just how much everyone else loves it. One of our first events in Hampshire we stocked what we thought would be an adequate amount of badgers. Now being Cornish lads we were over enthusiastic about cider (and rightly so…its Cider!!) but if became apparent that Badgers were the drink of the night and after one hour in we were getting organisers to rush off to the supermarket to but several hundred more bottles. Crisis averted and we never looked back. We always have plenty of badgers and other ales and they are a big winner with our customers.

So there you are. My three drinks of the year. Why not help us set the trend (for the whole world) next year and book us up. You might just make next year’s blog!

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